Patrimonio Nacional is a public organisation responsible for formerly Crown-owned goods and property that were passed over to the State under Law 23/1982 of 16 June on National Heritage. Its main objectives are to support the Head of State so that it may fulfil the role and responsibilities bestowed on it by Law and in the Constitution, and to provide public access to the historical-artistic heritage it manages by using it for cultural, scientific and educational purposes.

The diverse nature of the goods and property we manage and the duty to ensure fully compatible use of the same makes our work at Patrimonio Nacional extremely broad and complex.

We manage property of exceptional historical and artistic value, including 8 Royal Palaces and their surround buildings that are all open to the public and 10 Royal Monasteries and Convents. These sites are home to over 154,000 historical and artistic treasures (including paintings, sculpture, tapestries, clocks, silverware, archives, libraries, musical instruments and furniture, among many more) that have been produced by the very best artists over time and, as such, form an essential part of Spain's cultural heritage. We are also responsible for a valuable range of natural heritage, made up of historical gardens, forests and other natural spaces covering a total area of 22,000 hectares and which are home to an enormous amount of wildlife.

Patrimonio Nacional is a public-law entity and operates under the Ministry of the Presidency.