About Patrimonio Nacional

President´s welcome

Ana de la Cueva, president of Patrimonio Nacional
Ana de la Cueva, Presidenta de Patrimonio Nacional


Welcome to Patrimonio Nacional.

We are a historical and cultural institution that is unique in the world. We care for more than 1,000 buildings, 160,000 works of art and 18,000 hectares of green spaces of immense environmental wealth. And we do so with a twofold mission: to preserve and publicise this invaluable legacy and to assist the Head of State in undertaking the task of representation granted to him by our Constitution.

This website is a window on all these assets and on the cultural, educational and scientific events that we organise for circulation; a window on to the 19 royal palaces, royal monasteries and country houses in six different autonomous communities. The website also includes the natural parks, such as the hill estate of El Pardo or the forest of Riofrío. You can also view the 6,500 paintings by El Greco, Caravaggio or Velázquez, among other famous painters. In addition, you can see our concert programme, our workshops and our publications.

To make our National Heritage known is to make our history known. And to preserve its assets in a sustainable, conscientious and thorough way is also to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy them as we do now. We are aware of the importance of our task. That is why we want to open our doors to all citizens and be a meeting point that serves as an element of cohesion in our society.

Ana de la Cueva