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President´s welcome

Welcome to Patrimonio Nacional, Heritage for everyone
Saluda presidenta


I welcome you to this space on behalf of all the people who are part of Patrimonio Nacional. We are a unique historical-cultural institution in the world, with more than 6 million visitors a year, 154,000 pieces from the royal collections and  more than 18,000 hectares of environmentally rich green spaces.

But Patrimonio Nacional is more than the sum of objects, monuments and spaces of incalculable value; Patrimonio Nacional is the autonomous body whose mission is to display, conserve and raise awareness of the assets that the Crown requires to carry out the representative work conferred on it by our Constitution and thus show the heritage of our past and the strength we share to build our future together. This is one of the tasks that define and give meaning to Patrimonio Nacional.

Along with this fundamental work, Patrimonio Nacional assumes in these new times the task of opening up to the public with a basic and fundamental objective: to tell the history of Spain through our paintings, our palaces and forests. We can only consider what we know to be truly ours, and we want to be a meeting place in these times to help shape a shared, diverse and generous history to serve as a cohesive element, without forgetting that our great historical, artistic and natural wealth has to be a valuable element in the relaunch of the Spain brand and be a pole of attraction and confidence in culture, environmental sustainability, education and music.


Llanos Castellanos Garijo

President of Patrimonio Nacional