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Ana de la Cueva, presidenta de Patrimonio Nacional, en su despacho

Ana de la Cueva is the president of the Board of Trustees of Patrimonio Nacional (Spanish National Heritage). She was appointed in July 2021, after a lifetime of public services at the spanish Ministry of Business and Economic Affairs.

She graduated from the Autonomous University of Madrid, where she received a degree in Economics and Business Administration and specialized in Quantitative Economics. She joined the Ministry of Economy of Spain in 1991, as civil as State Economist and Trade Expert civil servant.

Ana de la Cueva was designated secretary of State for Economic & Business Affairs in 2018.

As secretary of State, she hold specific responsibilities within the Ministry of Economy and Business Affairs regarding the shaping and implementation of the government’s economic policy, including financial policy, public debt management, private insurance and reinsurance, capitalisation and pension funds and prevention of money-laundering policies. She was also responsible for the coordination of other government policies in different economic sectors.

She was the representative of Spain in several international financial institutions. She was alternate governor to the World Bank Group, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, the Asian Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the African Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

She was secretary of the Government Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs, chair of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences and the Advisory Commission for Investments of the Social Security Reserve Fund among other financial commissions.

She was the coordinator for Spain at the Committee for the EU Recovery, and Resilience Facility Plan and she structured the allocation of the Next Generation Funds assigned to Spain.

At present, Ana de la Cueva, chairs Patrimonio Nacional, a public body that constitutes the essential and most important nucleus of the former Royal Heritage or Crown Heritage.

The institution, which is under the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Parliament and Democratic Heritage, has a dual function: to support the Head of State in the role of his high representative duties attributed by the Constitution and laws, and to make the historical-artistic heritage that it manages available to the public through its use for cultural, scientific and educational purposes.

De la Cueva has now the main challenge to invigorate the general management of one of Europe’s leading cultural bodies since it owns 19 palaces, 3 museums, 27 churches and monasteries, 18.000 hectares of natural spaces and 165.000 items from 38 different collections that are dealt by a diverse staff compound by 1.200 professionals.

De la Cueva is working on the implementation of a new Action Plan that aspires to accomplish the XXI century challenges for cultural institutions, such as social and economic development, financial and environmental sustainability and green and digitization transition. All is done according to the main aims of the UN ODS and the EU Next Generation Funds strategic lines that the Spanish General Administration is complying with as well.



María Dolores Menéndez Company

Maria Dolores holds a degree in Economics and Business Studies, in the field of Business Economics, from the Complutense University of Madrid. She is a civil servant in active service at the expert level of Autonomous Bodies Management and on leave of absence from the Technical Corps of Auditing and Accounting,  the Executive Master`s Degree in Public Administration (EMPA). ESADE.

She has worked as Deputy Director of Financial Administration and Senior Official at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. She has been Secretary of the Spanish Sports Council and of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, and Deputy Assistant Director of Economic Administration at the Spanish Traffic Office.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development E.P.E. (CDTI).





Public prosecutor (1992)

Chief Public prosecutor for Patrimonio Nacional. March 2019.

Among the positions he has held previously, the following should be mentioned:

• Secretary  and Director of the National Commission for Markets and Competition. September 2013 -  February 2017.

• Technical Secretary General - Director of the Government Office. Ministry for the Presidency. January 2012 - September 2013 (Deputy Secretary of the General Committee of Secretaries of State and Under - Secretaries).

• General Technical Secretary of the Ministry for the Presidency. November 2010 - January 2012.

• General Technical Secretary of the Ministry of Defence. April 2007 - November 2010.

• President of the Tobacco Market Committee. July 2000 - May 2004.

He has served at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Burgos, Soria, Asturias, Madrid, and the Ministries of the Interior and Agriculture.



Ana María Arias de Cossío

PhD in History of Art and Emeritus Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid

Ana María Arias de Cossío has carried out extensive research work, with a total of six  research fellowships recognised by the National Assessment Committee. She has published studies on painting and on the intellectual history of the Institución Libre de Enseñanza and on Manuel B. Cossío. She has also done studies on theatrical scenography, publishing 14 books as sole author, and 10 with other authors. She is the author of numerous articles in specialised journals and has presented many papers at conferences.

She has had a recognised career associated with art conservation organisations. She is a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Santa Isabel de Hungría in Seville and of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Miguel Arcángel in the Canary Islands.

She is President of the Jiménez-Cossío Foundation.


Francisco Belil

Francisco Belil Creixell studied Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and furthered his studies at the University of Pittsburgh (USA) and INSEAD, in Fontainebleau (France). In July 1972 he joined Bayer AG, working in various positions at the German plants of Leverkusen, Dormagen and Uerdingen. In 1978 he was seconded to Mobay in the USA, where he worked at the Pittsburgh headquarters and the New Martinsville plant. In 1981, he was appointed Director of the Bayer Group in Mexico until July 1987.

On 1st April 1996, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Bayer Hispania, S.A., with overall responsibility for Spain and, in 1997, for the Bayer Group in the Iberia Region (Spain and Portugal). On 1st August 2006, he joined Siemens, S.A. as Vice-President and CEO. In April 2008, he was appointed CEO of the 15-country Southwest Europe Region. In June 2013, he was appointed Vice-President of the Bertelsmann Foundation and in July 2015, President of the Princess of Girona Foundation.

2000 - 2006: President of FEIQUE. 2005 – 2010: President of the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain - Vice President of the CEDE Foundation - Vice President Alumni UPC - Boards of Directors. Advisory Boards: Naturgy, Linde, Uriach, KPMG, Caixabank Private Banking, APD, Foment, CEOE; 2010: Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany; 1999 "Executive of the Year" AED; 2011 Award for Business Excellence from the German Chamber of Commerce; 2017: Commendation with plaque of the Civil Order of Alfonso X el Sabio in the field of education.



Víctor Francos Rodríguez

Secretary for the Arts. Minister of Arts and Sport.

A graduate in Law (Autonomous University of Barcelona). Victor Francos Díaz holds an Extraordinary degree and postgraduate degree in Advanced European Legal Studies (Autonomous University of Barcelona). In addition to practising law and a brief stint as a university researcher, he has undertaken executive and managerial tasks and coordinated cabinets and teams in different areas of public administration for political and institutional decision-makers.

Among the positions he has held are: Director of the First Deputy Secretariat of the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya PSC - PSOE (2004 - 2006); Director of Parliamentary Relations for the Presidency of the Generalitat, the Catalonian government (2006 - 2010); parliamentary advisor to the Socialist Group in the Parliament of Catalonia (2011); General Coordinator of the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya PSC - PSOE (2011 - 2013); Director of the Cabinet of the First Secretariat of the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya PSC - PSOE (2013 - 2014); advisor to the Diputació de Barcelona (2015 - 2016); Director of the Legal Aid at the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya PSC - PSOE (2017 - 2018); director of the Parc Tecnològic del Vallès (2018 - 2019) ;Director of Institutional Relations and Corporate Communication of the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (2019 - 2020); Director of the Minister of Health’s Cabinet (2020 - 2021) and Secretary of State for Regional Policy and the Civil Service  (2021 - 2021). Until his appointment as Secretary for the Arts and Sport, he served as Secretary for Culture ("BOE" no. 173, 21st July, 2021).



Mª Ángeles Hermosilla

Professor of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the University of Cordoba, she has lectured at various Spanish universities and has been Visiting Lecturer or Postgraduate Lecturer at a number of foreign universities, such as Paris 8, Pau et des pays de l'Adour, La República University in Uruguay, or Yale in the US.

Author of more than fifty publications, she has had four research fellowships, has been a member of the Parisian team "Traverses" (1994 - 2008) and has been director of the "Languages" group (HUM - 224) since 1995, where she studies the interaction of codes (especially painting and poetry) and the work of women creators.

She has also collaborated with public institutions: the Department of the Arts within the Andalusian Regional Government (Council of Libraries) and, in Cordoba, the Royal Academy, of which she is a corresponding academician; the Athenaeum, which awarded her the Silver Lunch Box Award and the Provincial Council (Publications Committee and Governing Council of the "Rafael Botí" Plastic Arts Foundation).



Alberto Herrera Rodríguez

Undersecretary for the Ministry of the Presidency, Parliamentary Relations and the Democratic Memory.

Born in Madrid in 1983, he belongs to the Senior Corps of State Civil Administrators). He holds a degree in Law, Business Administration and Management from the Autonomous University of Madrid, an official Master's degree in Government Involvement in Society from the UNED, having completed his training through different programmes at IESE - University of Navarre, LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science, Middlesex University, London and the Spanish National Centre for Defence Studies (CESEDEN).

He has undertaken research work within the framework of the Doctorate Course in Law and Public Policy at the UAM, with a thesis on the constitutional dimension of access to public information. He has participated as a speaker on different courses and at conferences at the INAP, the AECID, the Ministry for the Presidency, the different government delegations and the National School of Public Administration of Colombia, on public management and public administration.

At the State Administration, he has held various positions in the Ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Finance and Public Administration. Between 2014 and 2018, he held the post of Deputy Director of the State Regional Administration Services Inspectorate at the Ministry for the Presidency and for the regional government departments (Administraciones Territoriales). During 2018 and 2019, he held the post of Director of Civil Protection and Emergencies at the Ministry of the Interior. Between January 2020 and February 2021, he was Undersecretary of Health. Currently he holds the post of Undersecretary for Regioinal Policy and the Civil Service. He also holds the Silver Cross of the Order of Merit of the Spanish Civil Guard.



José Hila

Mayor of Palma de Mallorca.
A graduate in Economics with a Master's Degree in Public Finance, José Francisco is currently studying for a Law Degree. An economist by profession, he has worked as a freelance consultant and trainer of entrepreneurs.
He formed part of the Socialist government of Palma with Aina Calvo as mayoress, first as councillor for the Civil Service and then as First Deputy Mayor for Mobility. He was deputy spokesman of the PSIB - PSOE municipal group, in the opposition, during the 2011 - 2015 legislature.
Between 2015 and 2017, he was Mayor of Palma. 

He has also participated in neighbourhood movements and has directed a Club d'Esplai.



Carmen Iglesias

Full member of the Royal Academy of History since 1991 and the Royal Spanish Academy since 2000, Maria del Carmen has been director of the Royal Academy of History since December 2014 (re-elected in 2018), Professor of the History of Ideas and Political Forms at the Complutense University (1984 - 2000), Professor of the History of Moral and Political Ideas at the Rey Juan Carlos University (2000 - 2009) and Montesquieu Chair at the Royal European Academy of Yuste. 

She has been Director of the Centre for    Political and Constitutional Studies, ex officio advisor to the Council of State and President of the Board of Directors of the publishing group, Grupo Unidad Editorial. History and Social Sciences teacher to H.R.H. the Prince of Asturias and university tutor to H.R.H. Cristina de Borbón at the Complutense University. Specialist in Modern European and Spanish History and other subjects in the field of history and political philosophy of different periods, she is the author of more than two hundred publications including books, monographs and various articles. Curator of ten major historical exhibitions and director of their corresponding catalogues, she has received several national and international awards and honours for her research, academic and teaching work, as well as for other contributions to the arts.



Gregorio Marañón

Marquis of Marañón. Jurist, entrepreneur and academic.

The Marquis of Marañon is President of the Board of Directors of Logista, the Board of Directors of Universal Music Spain, and the Board of Directors of Air City Madrid Sur. He is also President of Madrid’s Teatro Real and the Ortega-Marañón Foundation. He is a trustee of the Spanish Army Museum, the Historical Archive of the Nobility and a member of the Advisory Board of the charitable body, Cáritas.

He is a full member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and a member of its Administrative Committee; a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Telmo; honorary member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Historical Sciences of Toledo; and full member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Gregorio Marañón holds the Grand Cross of Alfonso X the Wise, the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, the Gold Medal of the Community of Madrid and the Gold Medal of Castilla - La Mancha. He is a Commander of the French Legion of Honour and Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Castilla-La Mancha. He was also awarded the Mariano de Cavia Journalism Prize in 2017. 



Secretario General de la Presidencia del Gobierno.

Secretary to the Presidency of the Spanish Government.

A forestry engineer since 2007, he graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, also with an MBA in International Trade from ICEX - CECO.

He has worked as an engineer in both the public and private sectors, responsible for project management in the field of civil, forestry and environmental engineering, as well as in the field of communication and institutional relations in international contexts. 

He was department head of the Chairman's Office of the Tragsa Group in 2011 and head of implementation in the civil reconstruction project in the province of Badghis (Afghanistan) in 2012. Subsequently, he was Director of Administration and Finance of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) from 2017 until he became Director of the Technical Office of the Spanish Presidency in June 2018.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of Paradores de Turismo de España, S.M.E., S.A. Until his current appointment he held the post of Director of the Department for Planning and Monitoring Government Action.



José Luis Martínez-Almeida

Major of Madrid

A graduate in Law from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICAI - ICADE), José Luis has been a Public Prosecutor since 2001, during which he has had an extensive career, specifically within the Labour Courts and the Administrative Disputes Chamber.

In 2007 he was appointed Director General of the Heritage of History of the greater Madrid Region (Comunidad de Madrid) until 2011. Between 2011 and 2013 he was Secretary of the Governing Council of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Secretary of the Board of Directors of SEPI Industrial Development (SEPIDES) from September 2013 to April 2014, also taking on the post of Director of Legal Advice.

In April 2014, by agreement of the Council of Ministers, he was appointed Director of the Institutional Legal Division of the Independent Authority for Tax Liability.

After the Municipal and Autonomous Community Elections of 2015, he took office as Councillor of the GM PP, and on 28th April 2017 he was elected Spokesperson of the Municipal Group of the political party, Partido Popular.
On 13th January 2019 he was appointed to be the candidate for Mayor of Madrid for the Partido Popular political party and, following the municipal elections of 26th of May 2020, he was elected Mayor of Madrid (Investiture Session of 15 June 2020).



Domingo Martínez Palomo

Secretary to the Royal Household of His Majesty the King.

After entrance examinations, he entered the General Military Academy in 1974 and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant of the Civil Guard in 1978.

Mr Martínez Palomo holds a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid.

By Royal Decree 654/1996, of 18th April, he was appointed Head of the Planning and Coordination Office of the Royal Household, a position he held until June 2014.

By Royal Decree 566/2014 of 27th June 2014, he was appointed Secretary to the Royal Household.

By Royal Decree 888/2015 of 2nd October 2015, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General of the Civil Guard Corps, and by Royal Decree 85/2017 of 10th February, he was appointed Member of the Board of Directors of Patrimonio Nacional.



Javier Solana

Doctor of Physics and Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Javier Solana has been a member of the Spanish Government for thirteen years, where he has held various ministerial posts including the Arts, Education, and Foreign Affairs. In 1995 he was appointed Secretary General of NATO; and in 1999, first High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the European Union. He returned to Spain in January 2010.

He currently chairs EsadeGeo – Esade's Centre for Global Economy and Geopolitics, the Royal Board of Trustees of the Prado Museum, the Aspen Institute of Spain, and the Executive Committee of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health. He is a member of the boards of trustees of the Fundación la Caixa and the Fundación Telefónica; as well as the Council on Foreign Relations and the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Real Instituto Elcano, and the Global Commission on Drugs. He is a distinguished fellow of the Brookings Institution (Washington, DC), and a senior visiting professor at the London School of Economics, where he was invested Doctor Honoris Causa in December 2010.



Juan Tecedor

A graduate in Economics and Business Studies from the Complutense University of Madrid and civil servant in the Cuerpo Superior de Interventores y Auditores del Estado, the State Auditing Authority.

His professional career has been in the Ministry of Finance, initially at the National Audit Office (ONA in its Spanish acronym) of the General Auditing Authority within the State Administration, and subsequently at the Directorate of State Assets, as a member of the Advisory Board of Public Companies and as Deputy Director of State Companies and Shareholdings.

He has also been a speaker on courses at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, as well as a board member of various different state-owned companies and a trustee of public sector foundations.

Since July 2018, he has held the post of Director of State Assets (Patrimonio del Estado).